Packaging for coffee, tea, cocoa

High barrier packaging for tea, coffee and cacao locks in product freshness, safe the aroma and the taste of drink. Special technologies of packaging created by Danaflex are effective for all the types of prepacking.

Packaging for sweets, caramel, chocolate

Danaflex created packaging solutions that is ideally suited to protecting pre-portioned cakes, biscuits, sweets, waffles and chocolate bars ensuring they’re ready to be consumed anytime and on the go.

Packaging and sachets for spices

Spices need to be protected from the oxygen, water and sun lights. Packaging made by Danaflex creates all the necessary barriers for all the type of spices. 

Packaging for puree, doy packs

Product in the packaging made by Danaflex is a secure and safe for the children of any ages. Automatic control for the each of the pouch that hermetically sealed guarantee protection in the process of pasteurization and sterilization. 

Packaging for sugar, salt, pasta, flour

For the grocery food such as pasta, sugar and flour Danafleх suggests to use the packaging made from mono materials. Special technology allows to create the packaging with easy peel effect.

Packaging for crisps, soups, cereal

Danaflex produce various packaging for snacks such as chips, seeds, nuts and dry fruits. Proper allowance must be made for the low moisture and high fat content of snacks and their vulnerability to foreign odours in order to select the most suitable packaging material. Fats are easily affected by atmospheric oxygen, leading to acidification of the product.

Packaging for dry and wet pet food

The packaging for long-term storage of dry feed and hygienic pet litter demands a moisture penetration barrier as well as unreactive and high-quality packaging materials.

Packaging for sauces, ketchup

Worldwide, most mayonnaises, ketchups and other sauces are packed in stand-up pouches, or doy packs. These sauces tend to contain abrasive chemicals (acetic and citric acids, vegetable oils and fats). Flexible packaging eco solution by Danaflex is resistant to any adverse effects of these compounds.

Production of IML labels

The most progressive decoration tool for a rigid plastic packaging. The label is moulded into the rigid packaging. Mainly made of polypropylene, rigid packaging with an in-mould label are easily recyclable.

Packaging and films for napkins

Films for hygiene have soft and high strength options for the backsheet layer of baby diapers, feminine hygiene and diapers for adults.

Packaging for tubes, for toothpaste

Tube laminate is a perfect packaging for cosmetics. It is great at protection and barrier from the oxygen, water and sun lights.

household chemicals

Producers of various household chemicals (from detergents, cleaners and soaps through to wet wipes) have equally high demands with regards to their product packaging. First of all, the product should be protected against the local environment, moisture and sunlight.

Packaging for meat dumplings, meat, fish

Highly frost-resistant materials and welds are the most important features of frozen food packaging for vegetables, fruits and berries. For frozen fish and meat packaging material should also show specific barrier properties (e.g. aroma barrier is essential in the packaging of fish or seafood).

Packaging for butter, cheese, desserts

Our R&D created special packaging for butter, cheese, yogurts, cottage cheese, ice cream and other dairy products that preserve the freshness allowing you to enjoy with taste every time and everywhere.

Packaging for bread and bakery products

Danaflex packaging solutions protects bakery products against oxygen and moisture, ensuring it reaches to the consumer as fresh as it was just came out of the oven.

Packaging ice cream and dairy products

Packaging for ice cream protects the product from the sun lights and oxygen.

Shrink sleeve label for bottles and jars

Polyethylene collation heat shrink film - the most popular material for packaging of bottles and jars.

Adhesive bonded film for polycarbonate

Industrial films are applicable in industrial production of the various of products such as polycarbonate,  metal sheets, composite material for automobile industry.

Barrier film for vacuum packaging

Barrier films safe the quality and taste of the product and extend the shelf life of the product.

Films for medical devices, sterile bags

Thermally resistant film for sterilizable medical bags. 

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