Non-existent package. Proudly leaving no trace behind.
We're starting the recycling cycle
The secret is that the packaging can be completely recycled into a useful item, that can be reborn again and again.
Danaflex provides high-quality printing on the packaging using equipment that is unique for EU, Russia and CIS
Danaflex develops new film and flexible packaging solutions in the in-house R&D
one of the main objectives of the 2024 strategy is to produce packaging that could be recycled or reused
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digital printing
Danaflex is ready to implement any marketing ideas using digital printing and make the packaging recyclable
d i g i t a l p r i n t i n g f o r p a c k a g i n g
Danaflex was established in 2001

Since then we have taken the lead on the packaging market, opened an in-house R&D, three factories in Russia and one in Europe.

Danaflex jobs are safe and interesting

Respect for the individual is a priority for the company. Great attention is paid to labor safety, personnel development and openness to their ideas.