Production Facilities


Russia’s most formidable machinery line-up

Highly efficient, cutting-edge equipment allows us to manufacture products of the highest quality, meeting even the most complex of our customers’ requirements. That is why we, in turn, only buy machinery from the world’s finest manufacturers.

Efficient equipment performance and round-the-clock operation are assured by our intelligent monitoring systems, regular maintenance and control of critical components and units.

Production Facilities
  • Blown Film Extruders

    Theses machines produce 20-200µm thick plastic films by blown extrusion.
  • Cast Film Extrusion Plant

    High-performance line for production of cast films.
  • Metalizer

    This machine coats plastic foils with a high-barrier 20-25nm thick layer of aluminum and aluminum oxide through vacuum-based chemical deposition.
  • Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant

    This system offers lamination applications, including 3-layer polymer melt.
  • Flexographic Printing Presses

    Our highly efficient flexo-printing setup offers the latest in productivity and print quality.
  • Rotogravure Presses

    Our printing line features coating units (lacquer, cold seal and inline lamination).
  • Solventless Laminating Machines

    These machines apply solvent-free adhesive and laminate polymer films, paper and aluminum foil.
  • Solvent Glue Laminating Machine

    This multipurpose machine covers various laminating and coating processes using polymer materials, paper and aluminum foil.
  • Triplex Laminating Machine

    3-layer laminating machine for large volumes of complex structures which employ a selection of materials.
  • Laminating Machine

    This machine executes two processes at once: gluing with microcrystalline wax and coating with paraffin. The application of hot-melt adhesive and coating (wax and paraffin) is by both conventional and rotogravure methods.
  • Slitting Machines

    Slitting and rewinding of any packaging materials (rigid and flexible films) in reels.
  • Pouch-making Machine

    Ideal for production of bags and pouches of laminated multilayer plastic films.
    The machine is able to laminate various material types with 3-layer polymer melt.  

Production Control

Our technical support service allows for 24/7 monitoring of equipment operation and, if necessary, the carrying out of immediate repairs.

At the same time we stay in direct contact with machinery manufactures so as to test all equipment operations without delay.

Technical Support

The qualified customer service team provides technical support for clients.

Owing to the hard work of our customer service team, we have introduced state-of-the-art machinery maintenance and operation practices in-house and on customers’ production plants.