The European Danaflex plant is one year old

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The European Danaflex plant is one year old 6 March 2020
The most modern factory in Europe, built from scratch exactly a year ago. All audits have been completed, technologies have been adapted, the first pool of partners has been recruited, the plant is gaining production momentum every day. The second part of specialized new flexo and roto printing machines has already been planned.

In fact, Danaflex has been around for 20 years, and the factory in Europe is a startup with a huge technological background. It is built and equipped for the most complex products of the industry - laminates for baby food, coffee triplex and packaging for spices, wet pet food and packaging with cold seal.

Danaflex has successfully qualified its technologies among the largest market players, and now this experience has been transmitted to the plant in the Czech Republic.

Danaflex is well known for its R&D center, today the company is preparing to present its recycled packaging projects. The flagship in this direction will be the laminates of the sauce and coffee groups. These solutions consist of mono-materials, are packaged on current lines with heat-sealing elements and are comparable in price to traditional solutions. All tests have already been passed, the first industrial lots were shipped.

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