Mission & values

Our mission is to provide a superior product and service for our partners, establishing long-term relationships grounded in mutual respect and sustainable development. 

Out motto is:

Creating relations. We deliver complete and cost-effective packaging solutions for our customers.

Danaflex strives to be an industry leader in both innovation and reliability.

Airat Bashirov Danaflex CEO
Баширов Айрат
Уважение к личности
  • Respect for the idividual
    • We respect opinions we’re open to new ideas. That is why every person is able to fulfil their potential and contribute to our business.
    • We believe that every person is unique and that that is a real strength.
    • We believe in ourselves and our ability to achieve exceptional results.
  • Progress and Development
    • Our sensitivity to market changes helps us stay ahead of the curve.
    • We go the extra mile to continue improving our processes, gaining knowledge and experience.
    • We’re passionate about being the first to create new solutions.
  • Calm and Confidence

    Calm and Confidence

    • The consumer benefits from the extended shelf-life our packaging guarantees.
    • We protect customers’ products from shipping and storing damages en route to consumers.
    • Our accurate and well-coordinated processes assure deliveries are always on-time.
    • We meet rigorous global standards, meaning our customers can have complete confidence in the quality and safety of our solutions.
  • Support Growth and Development

    Support Growth and Development

    • The high quality of our packaging solutions makes customers’ products more attractive.
    • We offer innovative packaging solutions that enhance the consumer experience by providing packaging with new possibilities.
    • Our production capacity and variety of technology allow us to meet customers’ demands today and be ready to meet their demands of tomorrow too.
  • Improve Business Performance

    Improve Business Performance

    • We optimize our packaging solutions so that, together with our maintenance service and technical support, we can help cut customers’ costs.
    • Our solutions are fully compliant with customer requirements, increasing the end output.