The ambitious goals we set ourselves, as well as the problems we overcome along the way, can only be achieved by an organization which operates as a single unit. Every Danaflex employee buys into our progressive corporate culture and pulls in the same direction as a team.

Our company is ambitious, with targets that can only be achieved by bringing together an organized and motivated team of professionals. We offer fantastic job opportunities for talented graduates and qualified professionals.

Danaflex is growing quickly, but this growth is underpinned by our corporate culture and values at the core of our development.

The Danaflex corporate philosophy can be summarized as follows:

  • Every member of our team shares our company values and strives for quality of in all aspects of his/her work.
  • Self-discipline and focus on continued development.
  • Every team member is appreciated by his/her colleagues.
  • We are an efficiently-run company, and we are proud of that.
  • Training & Development

    Training & Development

    Danaflex is thriving. We use the most advanced technologies — not only in production, but also in our management. Key to the success of the company as a whole is the continued professional development of the individual.

    We employ a mentorship scheme, with more experienced and knowledgeable employees overseeing the day-to-day progress of newer recruits and providing all assistance necessary to settle in and work effectively. The relationship between the mentor and the mentee is designed to be an ongoing one, grounded in the sharing of professional know-how. New employees always have the opportunity to ask for and receive help when necessary.

    Our training system supports all new employees in gaining qualifications as well as personal training from scratch (particularly applicable to production staff). Retraining, learning of new skills, subject seminars and workshops are focused on skills and knowledge development and personal enhancement.

    A Development Centre has been in operation at Danaflex since November 2004. This Centre is dedicated to the bedding-in of new personnel, the development of professional skills, training programs, project supervision and mentorship.

  • Positive Motivation

    Positive Motivation

    It’s self-evident that people work at their best when they’re happy.

    Danaflex values professional development, innovation across all departments, teamwork, and the ability to accumulate and share experiences. Therefore our employees aim to motivate one another and encourage mutual improvement.

  • Development of Inventions & Efficiency Drive

    Development of Inventions & Efficiency Drive

    Since 2005, Danaflex has been operating a new «Innovator» program. The goal is to inspire our co-workers to nurture their creative and inventive abilities, give individuals more responsibility, improve efficiency and provide opportunities for growth of both company and our personnel.

    At the core of this program is the active participation of co-workers, real implementation of effective ideas and remuneration for effective results.

  • Team of Professionals

    Team of Professionals

    We promote equal opportunities for all company employees, with each person individually responsible for his/her own development. We respect not only our customers, but crucially each other. This is reflected in the fact that we work together as a team and as equals. Our team spends time together outside the office too, sharing in New Year festivities and company anniversaries, going on holidays and even hiking together! This emphasis on the team means relationships at Danaflex stay friendly and frank.